Starting a new blog

Hello readers,

I’m glad to welcome you to my brand new blog. I’ve been running one on Blogspot for quite some time (, but I wanted to try something differen, so here I am. I plan on writing about my major interests, which are basically crochet (both “classic” and tunisian), plants (especially succulents and cacti) and nature in general.

Regarding crochet, I’ve been a crafter for more than 3 years now; my mom taught it to me, and I haven’t stopped ever since, always discovering new things about this art. I’m far from an expert, I still consider myself little more than a newbie, yet I sometimes get a burst of inspiration from something peculiar I see or a special yarn I find, and I manage to design an item myself. I tend to like items that look relatively complex but are pretty easy and relaxing to make, if you know what I mean, and I try to reflect this preference both in my own patterns and in the ones by other authors I choose to realize.

About plants, I just love them, and I have a special feelings for certain kinds of succulents and cacti. I’ll sometimes post pics of my little ones – they are my pride and joy!

So… I had in mind a short intro to myself, and that’s about it. Now on with the posts!

Delosperma 'Jewel of the Desert Garnet' (1)

Delosperma “Jewel of the Desert Garnet”